Per ChantBou 

I design consumer products and help companies with innovation. I am the founder of ChantBou Design, a design agency that focuses on creating products that brand companies and create growth. I work for all types of companies of all sizes in and outside Denmark and after 12 years of working for my own companies, I have a team around me that can solve any task within design, construction and illustrations.

I have a passion for designing packaging that has a brand recornigtion, because I believe all types of products require eye-catching packaging designs.


I bring
visions to life

Services & skills

I offer companies to design their products and packaging that match the company's brand DNA. In the first instance, I familiarize myself with what wishes and needs you have, and define the content and objective of the assignment. Next, I make a series of drafts, after which you choose which draft you prefer. The task will then be completed until you are satisfied with the adjustments it requires along the way.

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