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About Me

I am 56 years old and live on the small island Strynø in the South Funen Archipelago on a scenic, seaside property. This is my little haven. This is where I think big and look out over the ocean with a glass rosé and my two samoyeds Gucci and Armani. 


I’ve been an independent business man since I was 22, and I’ve built companies that I’ve sold and some that I’ve gone bankrupt with. During the financial crisis I have had to start all over again in all aspects of life. All of it has enriched my life with experiences that have made me stronger and made me the person that I am today – a self-conscious, reflective and experienced individual that values decency, integrity and respect for other people regardless of where they are in life or who they are.


I’ve lived a rich life and traveled a lot in the U.S., Japan and parts of Europe. I’ve made national TV in the US and have been an agent for a Japanese company in Scandinavia for 12 years and built their distribution in Scandinavia. I’ve been a co-owner of the first Danish a trolling charter, which fished for salmon in Southern Sweden and around Bornholm. And, I’ve taken the initiative to create some of the biggest fishing competitions in Scandinavia. Moreover, I’ve built food productions within ice cream and chocolate and sold them to Danish retail chains. Lastly, I’ve designed and developed exclusive packaging for chocolate and designed chocolates that I intend to produce and sell myself when I get old:-)


Until then my goal is to realize the Spack Kiosk as a new, revolutionizing retail and logistics concept and my ambition is to change global retail by democratizing, revolutionizing and making it more effective for good.


I am interested in Danish design, history and culture and feel Danish through and through.


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